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Investment Tips & Tools: Start a 403(b)

After you have read through the 403(b) Basics, Key Investment Terms, and Investment Basics, here are the steps to take to start a 403(b).

  1. Research available vendors and product costs to find a vendor that provides the investment options and services that meet your needs at a cost you understand. To do this, read contracts of fixed annuity products and prospectuses of variable annuity and mutual fund products.
  2. Open an account with your chosen vendor. Select investments and name a beneficiary or beneficiaries.
  3. Complete a Salary Reduction Agreement with your employer in which you determine the amount you wish to contribute to your 403(b) each pay period.

Transferring 403(b) Money From Another Employer

This is permitted, but individual employers may not make this option available. Check with your employer for details.

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